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Talking about the future development prospect of powder coating market

  • Release time: 2021-11-05 16:32:09

Talking about the future development prospect of powder coating market

  • Release time: 2021-11-05 16:32:09

1. In the mid-1980s, with China going out, foreign formulas, production technology, production equipment and coating equipment were gradually introduced into China. The work direction of the industry turned to digesting and absorbing foreign technology, striving for localization and making great progress. In 1993, China changed from a planned economy to a market economy, and China's accession to the WTO in 2002 was a major node of China's economic development. The powder coating industry is developing rapidly. With the rapid progress of powder coating formulation technology, the research and development and production of raw materials such as epoxy, polyester, curing agent, leveling agent, matting agent, pigments and fillers have also made rapid breakthroughs. Powder coating production equipment has gradually developed into a characteristic large-scale supply system since the introduction of imported equipment and the learning stage. The coating production line has also developed from completely relying on imported foreign equipment to complete localization of the whole set of design and production, greatly reducing the production and application cost of powder coatings. It has played an important role in promoting the development of powder coatings production and application in China.

2. The domestic output of thermosetting powder coatings increased from 300t tons in 1983 to 26,000 tons in 1993, from 340,000 tons in 2003 to 1.115 million tons in 2013. China's powder coating production and sales have maintained rapid growth for many years. Since surpassing the United States in 2002, China's powder coating production has accounted for 42.6% of the global total in 2012, greatly surpassing the second-ranked United States (6.8%) and becoming a veritable power in powder coating production and application. However, from the quality and technical content of powder coatings, it is not a powerful country.

3. The initial development of China's powder coatings benefited from the imported main raw materials, milling equipment, coating equipment and coating technology. Since then, the main raw materials have been independently developed and applied, which has reduced the formulation cost of powder coatings and played an important role in expanding the application market of powder coatings. However, in the past, most Chinese patents for powder coatings were applied by overseas enterprises. Domestic enterprises rarely get involved. In recent years, there has been a breakthrough in patent application of powder coatings in China. By the end of 2011, there were 827 Chinese invention patent applications for powder coatings. There are 27 utility model applications, accounting for 4% and 15.8% of Chinese patent applications for coatings respectively. In addition, from the variety structure of powder coatings, there is still a big gap between the product technology of powder coatings in China and developed countries and regions in Europe and America.

4. The development of powder coating technology depends on the development of higher market. The development of powder coating technology is corresponding with the development of application market. The requirements for powder coatings in different market areas are very different. In the past 30 years, with the continuous expansion of domestic application market, professional manufacturers of household appliances powder coatings, pipeline anticorrosion powder coatings, aluminum profile powder coatings, radiator powder coatings, anti-theft door powder coatings, highway guardrail powder coatings, insulating powder coatings and other products have emerged continuously, laying a solid foundation for the advanced development of powder coatings technology in China.

5. The coating of powder coil has always been the focus of powder industry. Recently, after the state promulgated the regulations of levying consumption tax on solvent-based coatings, the voice of "replacing paint with powder" in color steel plate industry is growing. The painting speed of domestic color steel plate has reached 120m/min, and the current electrostatic powder spraying technology is difficult to meet this requirement.

RollCoater abroad innovated to pump a large amount of powder into powder coating room. After static electricity is loaded in the static electricity generating area, a large amount of coated powder can reach the substrate. This method can realize industrial production. However, it is difficult to control the film thickness in the production process, and it is difficult to obtain a 30-40μm thin coating.

A domestic foreign-funded enterprise has developed a powder coating with a particle size of 12μm(D50), coating a 23μm thick film on galvanized steel, which has good flatness and corrosion resistance, and has passed the salt spray test for 1000h hours, reaching the national standard index of color steel plates. The company has established a high-pressure slit powder spraying test line similar to that developed by Firstprecision Company, with a linear speed of 25m/min, and is in the experimental stage.

6. At present, the technology of producing this kind of fine powder coatings in China has become mature. Only when the research breakthrough is suitable for this kind of fine powder electrostatic coating equipment, this novel and advanced application market will gain explosive growth immediately. At present, the objective market demand is forcing the scientific and technical workers in the paint coating industry. Aiming at this application field, we should make great efforts to improve the gold content from various aspects such as theoretical application, process technology research and equipment research and development, and leap to a new platform.

7. Technical bottleneck MDF powder coating technology has been popularized and applied for more than 10 years, but the technical bottleneck of the coating process has not been broken in time, resulting in the situation of "three ups and three downs". The application of color steel powder coating technology will also encounter similar technical barriers. 1 meter wide color steel plate is measured according to the production speed of 100m/min, and the coating thickness is 30-40 μ m. It is required that 4-5kg of fine powder can be uniformly sprayed on the surface of the steel plate within 1 minute, and at the same time, it is also required to ensure the uniform charge of the powder on the surface of the steel plate, and the powder coating should be completely cured within 5-10 seconds. This is the technical bottleneck encountered in the application of color steel powder technology. Only by conquering it will this application market be started.

Recently, some colleagues in the industry are planning to adopt the mechanism of "polymer galvanic polarization electrification" to design and manufacture a brand-new powder coating model for color steel plates. This model combines the improvement of powder mist spraying amount and powder electrification to solve these difficulties in coating. Whatever the success or failure of this research. This is the only way for China's powder coating technology to advance. In order to realize the Chinese dream of powder coatings, the scientific and technological workers in our country must firmly take this step and dare to develop the market of novel and high technology, which not only gives us pressure, but also gives us the impetus of innovation and development.

8. Other powder coating technology markets, which are described above, are two novel and advanced markets. Their successful application and promotion will undoubtedly greatly promote the development and promotion of powder coatings in China. In addition, the application range of powder coating technology is particularly wide. The development and application of many new industries will not only increase the usage of powder coatings, but also enhance the gold content of powder coatings technology from many aspects. For example, metal bonding powder coating, antistatic powder coating, conductive powder coating, high temperature resistant powder coating, antibacterial powder coating, anion powder coating, high reflectivity powder coating, reflective heat insulation powder coating, heat dissipation powder coating, etc. Their development and application not only expands the application range of powder coatings and serves the society. At the same time, it will enrich many high-tech and high-level powder coatings varieties for China's powder coatings library. Comprehensively improve the scientific and technological level of powder coatings in China.

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